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Grace Note Studio of Music is a single employee business that is proud to present KindermusikR classes and private lessons. Classes and lessons are located at Valley Church in Burton with virtual options available. Classes through the KindermusikR program are for children 0-7 and private lessons begin at age 7 for voice, guitar, ukulele, and keyboard foundations.



Exploration of music stimulates cognitive, physical and socioemotional development. When a foundation of music is laid early in life, this tool can be used to express & navigate the vast human experience. Grace Note provides this outlet of exploration, expression & evolution beginning in a child's most formative years.

our mission

owner & founder

Kalita McClure

Kalita has been surrounded by and involved in music for her whole life. With a history of university-level music education and performance, years of private instruction experience, and ample performance experience in religious and non-religious settings, Kalita understands the power of music in education, development, self-expression and healing. Kalita was licensed in 2021 as a KindermusikR instructor and is well-versed in music education and child development. As the founder and owner of Grace Note Studio of Music, Kalita's dream is to provide opportunities for the community to explore, express, and evolve through music.

Originally from Beamsville, Ontario, Canada, Kalita now lives in Flint, Michigan with her husband, Cole, two young daughters, Mae and Eloise, and their dogs, Chevy and Beatrice.


behind the name

A Grace Note is a music theory term for an optional embellishment note used to add interest in a line of music. Grace was also the name of Kalita's maternal grandmother who was a music teacher and who passed her gifts on to allow the studio to exist today. Grace Note is a nod to Kalita's late grandmother and mother and to the freedom of expression and nuance adopted by the studio.

Pictured is Grandma Grace holding baby Kalita in 1994.

Pictured is Eartha, Kalita's mother (center, green skirt), singing as Kalita, age 3, dances along.


Learn more about Kindermusik, private lessons, or contact us for more info.

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