Grace Note Studio of Music is proud to present Kindermusik 



What is Kindermusik®?

Kindermusik® is the world leader in music & movement education, offering curriculum for children that stimulates development in all domains of learning. Grace Note offers 45 minute music & movement classes for various age levels both in-person and virtually. Whether you want to supplement at-home learning with a music component, prime your child for future music lessons, or connect with other young families through shared experiences in the arts, Kindermusik® classes are the best place to start. Learn more here or register for a $10 demo class today to try it out!

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Preview Class

AGES 0-7


Not sure whether or not Kindermusik is the right fit for you and your child? Attend a preview of any class for just $10 and apply the fee as credit toward registration once we've got you convinced!



Baby Class


Foundations classes offer opportunities for caregivers and babies to bond through play. We will stimulate baby's cognitive development through musical concepts and explore songs you can use to connect with baby at home.


Young Toddler Class



Level 1 classes offer a safe, encouraging and stimulating environment for your young toddler to explore music and (lots of new) movement!


Toddler Class



Level 2 classes encourage toddlers to initiate their own ideas and explore their creativity with plenty of fun outlets for toddler-style energy, promoting cognitive development through singing, dancing, and play. 


Weekend Family



Weekend Mixed Age classes are great for whole family bonding. This is your one-stop-shop for social engagement, quality time and hight energy weekend fun!


Week Night Family



Mixed Age classes are great for children with siblings to attend class together throughout the week while providing wonderful social engagement across age ranges with activity modification for each age.

All Kindermusik classes are offered at just $20 per class with sibling discounts available!




Kalita has been surrounded by and involved in music for her whole life. With a history of university-level music education and performance, years of private instruction experience, and ample performance experience in religious and non-religious settings, Kalita understands the power of music in education, development, self-expression and healing. Kalita was licensed in 2021 as a Kindermusik instructor and is well-versed in music education and child development. As the founder and owner of Grace Note Studio of Music, Kalita's dream is to provide opportunities for the community to explore, express, and evolve through music.


"My baby and I did a Kindermusik class and loved it. We had fun and learned in a relaxed and safe environment. I learned new ways to play with my baby and help encourage her cognitive and physical development. We would definitely do another class with Grace Note Studio and recommend it to others."

"My child and I did a Kindermusik class with Kalita, and it was such a blast! Especially during a pandemic, when options for engagement with other moms and babies was limited, we valued the learning, connection, and fun we had with Grace Note Studio."

"Kalita is such a great instructor! Her beautiful singing voice, kind demeanor, and patient teaching style were perfect for my infant son and I. The Kindermusik songs are easy to learn and fun to sing. Even though our class is done, we still sing the songs almost every day! I can’t recommend this program enough..."

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